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My Role: Motion Designer, Series Editor, Voice-Over Characters

Client: Whalerock Industries / ""Why Would You Eat That ?"" - Tasted Youtube channel

"Youtube wants a weekly show about food that's educational but also y'know 'fun' ...the shows budget will be just your salaries now get out of my office!"

...One could read that as,"just dick around till the money runs out" or "y,know 'fun" ...We chose both. The show was created by Michael Truly, and in the beginning it was just the two of us. The first time we met I asked him, "Do you know any good dog sitters?"  Truly replied, "I can do it but the dog will be crushed"  ...I started to realize just how much fun we could actually have. We used archive footage to fill in gaps in animation, brought in comedian friends to play roles, and tormented our highly educated and often wealthy co-workers with our segment "Feed the Office". The Higher-Ups caught wind of the crude abomination we had created, but by then it was too late, because the only reason they knew of it's existence was because it was doing uncomfortably well. The show lasted 6 seasons - garnered a spin-off show - had the highest views and retention on Tasted - and was even optioned for television. Clint GageNick Mundy, and Ron Babcock also became the bread-and-butter of the show, along with frequent guest comedians and influencers.

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