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My Role: VFX Artist, Animation Editor

Client: Oddbot Animation Studios  - Directed By: Matt Danner


LIT and Spline Assembly Editor and in-house Post-Production VFX Artist. Natalia Wong was my mentor and boss. She knows how to do everything but only has two hands, so I was brought in to assemble episodes with dallies from the Post-Houses and do Finishing VFX  shots. Each episode has two 12 minute life-lesson-stories for children to absorb and adults to remind themselves of.  I can not begin to tell you how many talented artists and organized people are required for just one of these episodes, but here are a few selects from early on in this last Season. Examples of the rigorous revision process that these animations go through in order to meet the shows standards.

Episode 308A - "Muppet Space Camp"

Episode 308B - "The Best best Friend Beach Day"

Episode 309A -"The Ribbiter"

Episode 309B -"Presto Uh-oh"

Episode 310A -"Oh My Gourd"